Who are we ?

Registered in 2010 as Goodwork Security (PTY) Ltd, the organisation seeks to address potential security risks by delivering potential recommendations for improved security. Over the years we have attained knowledge and use of our awareness of various risks to effectively deliver, when entrusted to safeguard lives of staff, public and company assets.

We employ the data we attain from assessments together with the complete understanding of the criminal methods likely to be employed against your business to secure your premises.

Our Philosophy

Goodwork Security’s reputation is built on a solid foundation that is comprised of the following:

  • Excellence
  • Quality
  • Challenging the status quo
  • Results
  • Empowerment

Our Core Values


Life Safety

Goodwork security has a solution to protect you and your loved ones whenever you call home. our officers can be used to protect a full range of residential properties from small to large homes, through multi-unit dwelling and apartment buildings.



Theft Protection

You have worked hard to afford the thing that make life more enjoyable. We work hard to make sure that those  things are protected. With Goodwork's officers we make it easier for you to protect the outside of your home.



Burglary Protection

Goodwork security systems include: panic buttons, motion sensors, alarm systems and CCTV cameras. These are monitored by a 24/7 central station (control, room) to provide you with an around the clock protection against the threat of someone breaking into your home.




Working parents con the move can see live video feed of their loved ones from virtually anywhere using their PC with a web browser and internet access.